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Air Monitoring Instruments
Big Sky Industrial’s multi-sensor and PID monitors will measure and alarm for hazardous levels of oxygen, combustible gases and vapors, toxic gases, chorline, and volatile organic compounds.

Rescue and Retrieval System
The rescue and retrieval system is a self-contained retractable lifeline with a built-in winch with retrieval or lowering capabilities. The tripod provides rescue capabilities in confined spaces such as manholes, tanks and other vertical spaces when a mechanical rescue is necessary.

Respiratory Protection:
The ALE Lite is a combination supplied air respirator and escape SCBA for entering and working in Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) atmospheres and confined spaces.

The airline allows for extended work activity while the escape cylinder provides up to 10 minutes of emergency escape breathing air. Our entire system is modular and is ideal for use in hazardous work environments such as confined spaces and remediation.

The ALE Lite is ideal for ILDH or potential IDLH atmospheres typically found in the petrochemical industries, HazMat clean-up, and for confined space entry.

The Half Mask Respirator approved with filters offer protection levels against dusts, mists and other airborne particles or aerosols.

The Full Face Respirator provides both breathing and eye protection. A full line of filter and cartridges provide protection in atmospheres which are not IDLH.

Our personnel our certificated in Hazwoper, Confined Space Procedures, Respiratory Protection, Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, and 1st aid and CPR.

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