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Spokane, WA
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Big Sky Industrial specializes in heavy-duty industrial cleaning. We provide fast, reliable, 24-hour service, seven days a week. Our proficient workforce has the experience and training necessary to provide the quality of work you will come to expect from Big Sky Industrial.

Our equipment and expertise offers a full range of unique services:

• Wet and dry vacuuming • Transporting materials • Tank cleaning • Sewer line cleaning • Hydroexcavating • Pipe line cleaning • High-pressure waterblasting • Dry ice blasting • Closed-circuit video inspection • Mud and slurry pumping • Spill response and site clean-up

We have over 30 years of experience at pulp and paper mills, power and generating plants, refineries, municipalities, pipelines, and aluminum fabrication plants.

Our cleaning methods are cost-effective, efficient and environmentally safe.

Jet Rodders with Vacuum System
ASME DOT Liquid Pumper Trucks
Color Video Inspection System
Business Overview | Vacuum Trucks / Air Movers | ASME DOT Cargo Tank Vacuum Trucks
Combination Jet Rodders with Vacuum System | Color Video Inspection System
Water Blaster | Dry Ice Blaster | Hydro Excavator
Confined Space and Emergency Response